Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Feeling The Red And Green & Recipe Thyme..

Glad Tidings of Joy. The 
countdown has certainly
begun. Are you readying
your home for Christmas?
Remember nature when
decorating: evergreens,
pinecones, fruits and nuts,
boxwood, berries, dwarf
shrubs,and topiaries of
rosemary and myrtle. 
Think also of cranberries,
spices like cinnamon, anise,
nutmeg, clove and ginger…
so fragrant. Add candles, 
lights, poinsettias, and your
house will be transformed
into Christmas wonderland.

Find many pictures and ideas 
on Pinterest, in magazines,  
and craft shops. You're only 
limited by what you want to

Timely Tip;
Remember pets, keep them 
warm while outside, and keep 
those bird feeders filled.




   Now how about a recipe,
   TREATS  >>>>>>>>                                    

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