Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Harvest and Chicken Sandwiches

If only summer weather had more of the type we've had the last 
few days we would be extremely happy. You can't find fault with 
low 70's and humidity around 50. Why who wouldn't want to be 
outside. Sam (the Pug) was visiting for a couple days and he just
loved laying in the grass and basking in the sunshine. Garden 
tasks aren't nearly so tedious when you have a cooling breeze 
on your face. Now comes the real fun for a gardener, harvesting 
the crops. There's the pleasure and oh my what good eats! 

Just pulled up the last of my carrots and the larger tomatoes are
really ripening up now, you can almost pick daily. So delicious.
Take a basket out if you're also growing cucumbers, squash, beans
and zucchini. If you are a seasoned gardener you are familiar with
the right time to harvest particular crops.  If you're new at this, 
you will learn soon enough when to pick for ripe flavor. Ask a 
veteran, or google garden info to learn some tips for harvesting 
at the right thyme.

Always an excellent option, visit your local Farmers Market. You
will find the freshest food in season and will be supporting your
local farmers and economy. Plus there are fresh flowers, baked 
goods, crafts and a chance to meet other gardeners and farmers.
It's just a pleasant way to spend a morning or afternoon. some fresh picked sweet corn today!!!

Ok I promised a recipe. How about Shredded Chicken Sandwiches
made from Poached Chicken that you did yourself? You will love
this recipe! DELISH! See EARTHLY DELIGHTS for both recipes.

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