Thursday, September 10, 2015

Goodbye Summer, Pics, A Recipe

We're coming to the end of our summer road. Summer is
waning. Her intense brightness will give way to the balmy
coolness of fall. I'm ready to embrace the colors, give way
to the richness and textures of the autumn season. Migrating
birds, leaves dried and crisp, breezes with a coolness that
speak of what is to come. Our senses will waken to the new
season…the season of gathering.

The sunflowers have been beautiful, start cutting now to fill for
an easy fall bouquet. The flowers look so beautiful in one of the
colored canning jars. I hope you're harvesting the remainder of
your tomatoes and peppers and continue to cut the zinnias but
leave some to dry for seed. 

My front door was calling me. In the midst of yard clean-up, 
while moving birdhouses and garden statuary, and thinking
of our early evening glass of wine or two, perhaps a bottle… I kept 
walking around to the front porch looking at the summer flower
wreath hanging on the door... looking ridiculous to me. I needed
to change that immediately to a fall wreath. I was obsessed. Down
to the basement, moving boxes, there it was. Happy and contented
I placed it on the door. Yes! My need for something fall was full-
filled. Back to the job at hand. Ron asking 'where did you go?'
I explained. He just looked at me with an odd expression.
Moving on….

We miss him too, but he'll be back in a few weeks. Luv you Sam!

Recipe Thyme..easy Mexican Layered Dip. See EARTHLY 
DELIGHTS for the recipe. 

We pedal forward along this winding road…
Bye for now, thanks for stopping by.

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