Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hello Christmas Thyme

Have you caught your inspiration yet? Is your tree decorated, 
lights shining brightly outside, cookies baked??….Wait stop 
the madness! I want you to enjoy yourself. Pick your pleasures 
folks. Decide what gives your family the most joy. Traditions 
and memories required. Christmas is a thyme of sharing and 
celebrating and a season of faith and hope. I want you to…...

How about another fun Christmas fact:

The world's largest gingerbread man was baked in Oslo, Norway,
in 2009 and weighed 1,435 pounds. That's a big cookie!!

Don't you love the Narcissus blooms. I decided to give these 
tropical bulbs a try. If planted by the middle of November, 
then by Christmas I would have lovely Paperwhites. Soil is
not required. All you need is a bowl, some pebbles to anchor
the bulbs, and sunshine. They only need about 3 inches of root 
space. Add only enough water to reach the top of the pebbles
and you're good to go. My bowl is sitting in an east-facing window.
Note the growth after two weeks. I will share my results with you
when they bloom. 

This picture is a lead-in for
There are 2 new recipes, plus a little extra treat. It's a click away.

Now I think it's thyme for a little picture sharing. But first I want
to share the chalk picture with you, (see above). You may copy or 
save the image and print it on heavier paper to frame.

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