Friday, July 15, 2016

Butterflies, Ethan and Sam

Went to visit a favorite local garden center when I heard they had 
a new butterfly habitat area. I was excited to share. It would be a 
very interesting place to take children, but I learned some things 
as well. See for hours etc. So here's a short 
science lesson.

See the tiny white dot in the picture above? That's an egg. This
begins the life-cycle of the Monarch butterfly. (umm no not going
there with which comes first, the chicken or the egg..ha-ha) Ok,
The female attaches the egg to the leaves or stems near a food source.

The egg develops into the caterpillar (larva), and it's long but
I think has a beautiful pattern to it. This is its feeding and
growing stage. I found my first one on my herb Dill. I was
so excited. The employee at Meadowview said the larva will
shed its skin 4 times to enclose its body.

The chrysalis (pupa) is the transformation stage. In this sack, the
tissues are broken down and new ones form (a butterfly's body.) 
Takes about 10-15 days.

The chrysalis tends to blend into the surroundings. Note the sack
and the end of the caterpillar. This pupa is on a parsley stem.

The Monarch emerges as an adult. Very distinctive, beautiful. This
is the life stage involving mating, migration and flying, and
colonizing habitates. We then find ourselves back to the egg. The
Monarch is a large butterfly with a wingspan from 3 to 4 inches.

Butterflies are pollinators. As such, they contribute to our food
supply. It is important to help the butterflies and the bees do
their job. Creating a habitat is our job. Providing colorful,
nectar-rich flowers, lots of them is easy and enjoyable. 
Remember a water source and for fun, how about a butterfly house.

Here's a short list of flowers that attract butterflies.
Butterfly bush, Aster, Bee Balm, Globe Thistle, Lavender,
Milkweed, Purple Coneflower, Zinnia. The herbs Dill, Fennel,
and Parsley can also be added to this list. Visit Meadowview
Garden Center to learn more. It's a great place.
Fun facts: 
*Butterflies taste with their feet. Their "tongue"
 is used for sucking nectar from the flowers.
*A group of butterflies is called a "flutter"

Our grand pup Sam (the Pug) has arrived. Adventures to
And oh by-the-way….grandson Ethan is on his way to the 
beach. Of course 2 months not so much adventure, but I
expect lots of pictures. Here's the first

Cool Dude!

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To those in Nice, our heartfelt prayers  go out to the families
of those who lost loved ones in this senseless tragedy.

Thanks for stopping by,Diana


  1. thank you, thank you for sharing this about meadow view's butterfly habitat. i was there earlier this season on a plant expedition, but the butterfly house was still "coming soon" then so i didn't get to check it out. --suz in NE ohio

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