Thursday, August 11, 2016

Why Do I Garden

I've talked about the beauty of flowers, about my love for
gardening and growing herbs and vegetables. (See the post
Gardening Is My Thing.) I wanted to expand on that thought
and just share my personal thoughts on why I garden. 

Just find Mother Nature's address and
come and get your happiness.
                                                               -Shirley Temple

Yes, gardening is a great relaxer, it's exercise, it offers 
satisfaction and gives rewards. Who doesn't appreciate 
picking a fresh tomato or cutting a bouquet of zinnias
and daisies. Gardening is my own personal therapy,
it calms me, offers solitude and keeps me distracted 
from the stresses of life when I need it to.

I like to think I have a relationship with Mother Nature.
I have to be outside. I like the sun shining, but I also love
a cloudy day and a good thunderstorm. I've been known
to work my yard and garden in the rain, yes love it.

Our planet's precious soil nourishes
the roots of people as well as plants.
                                      -Katherine Robertson-Pilling 

It makes me so happy to know my daughter Shakira
finds satisfaction in working in her yard and creating
her flower beds. When she said she was interested in
possibly, maybe growing some herbs, I was so excited.
Maybe I passed along my love of gardening gene!!

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  1. Very nice! My flowers and garden may gather some weeds as life is so busy, but when able to take time gardening it just feels so right!

  2. I wish for the great of success in all of our destiny endeavors