Friday, August 25, 2017

Thoughts on Zinnias and the Homegrown Tomato

If I had to pick a favorite thing to grow, I would ask if I could
pick two favorite things. One from the flower category and one
from the vegetable side. Yes botanically the tomato is a fruit, but
the Supreme Court decided this issue a long time ago. So I think
my two choices are the Zinnia and the Tomato.

Want endless bouquets? Plant Zinnias!  ~ Diana Moore

Zinnias are my favorite flower. Three things to know about this
annual? It's drought tolerant and stands up to the heat, provides 
great color, and is low maintenance. Packaged seeds offer a wide
variety of height and color. Your job is to choose a spot with full
sun, prep the soil for planting and follow package instructions.
Water as needed. I've never fertilized my zinnias but an early 
feed can only help. They are great cutting flowers. Keep them
deadheaded for flowering all season. Always leave a few flowers
to set seeds to save for the next year's planting.

"There ain't nothing better in life than true love and a homegrown
  tomato."  ~ old saying

Gardening for beauty and bounty offers twice the rewards.
                                     ~ Diana Moore

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