Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 There is always a beginning.
    The seed is planted, you water it, provide sunshine..then you wait for that first tiny sprout. Its a joyous occasion, at least to gardners. I compare that little sprout to my blog. "Its out there" for all to see. Heather, my mentor, has guided me through every step..we're still " nuturing" !!!!!! I hope you are enjoying the 98 pictures of my garden areas, which can be viewed in the gallery. Above, is my red house,the front facing the west directly and the back to the east. This is a springtime view. The purple phlox are always beautiful. They last for only a few weeks, then start to fade but they are durable. They love the sun, endure  the cold, and can tolerate being walked on, snow shoveled, and dug up up by the dog! Recently, I started shaping a rather large one into a heart. I took my garden scissors and simply cut the shape. I will keep it watered even after the blooms fade and fall. It will stay green through the summer. I told Ron, my husband, this is my "heart " to you!!
   I live in the midwest, Ohio, and lucky to have 4 distinct seasons. But we are always ready to see  Spring come. I start preparing myself  in March by looking at pictures, magazines, garden books, and walking the yard. I can't wait to get outside and start the cleanup. I even visit all my favorite nurseries. Gardening always satisfies. It makes me happy!

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