Monday, June 25, 2012


    Standing dignified, surveying their garden areas, my Garden Ladies stand ready to delight. Each dressed differently, their names include: Tea Lady with the teapot for her hat and silverware dangling around her head; Blue lady with the blue beaded purse, straw hat and blue gloves, a blue plaid dress, and of course her quilt;  Garden Lady with her moss purse, a metal bird perched upon her claypot hat, and an apron with pockets for her gardens tools; Herb Lady done up in red checked splendor, hat, apron, red purse and gloves, looking over the many pots of herbs. I found one such lady many years ago at a garden show looking very plain..just a hat and shirt. I bought her, brought her home, and had my husband Ron "install" her in the yard. She needed a name and an outfit. Now I have five. View them all in the Garden Patch Photos. The girls are made of landscape timbers. But you can use a fence post, tree limbs for arms, and use pieces of tree branches for the eyes, nose and mouth. You can also paint the face on or use a paint bucket, painted and draw the features on the can. On one of the ladies, I used two tiny sticks for the lips, painted them red, and glued them on the face. So be creative! Dress them with old clothes, hats, beads, scarves, garden gloves and little "touches" to make them your own. You may have to cut the dress up the back to properly fit, then pin as needed. Of course I gave them all names and they wear a clay rounded disc with their name tied around their necks. My husband attached them to the fence for safety. They are left out during all kinds of weather, and we take them down end of summer. They are all so beautiful!!

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  1. I found my way to your garden blog. I am very impressed. Love your pictures.