Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Garden Bed Thyme

Around my house it"s cleanup time. All the yard decorations, my garden ladies, statuaries, and even the potting tables get "torn down" wiped off and put in the back shed. Some of the yard decor will go into my Cottage Garden House. This is my special place by the herb and perennial gardens. Housing shelves, a cabinet, a writing table, potting table, and even an old fashioned porcelain sink, this 12x12outdoor shed has curtains at the windows and hanging above the screen doors. Everthing goes back to its spot for the remainder of the fall and winter. Ron, will take off the screen doors and replace with the original shed doors. You can see pictures of the Garden House on the Cabbage Patch Photos slideshow.
I pull all the annual flowers, tomato plants, and cut back some of the perennials. The zinnias I will leave alone for a short while, still enjoying their colorful flowering, The roses and hydranges will need a cleanup as well but cutting back will wait. Early fall for me signals pulling those weeds, cleaning up the debris of the garden and flower beds, and watching Ron trim bushes and some of the smaller trees. Its all about the chores.  I like it all tidy, neat, and very bare.
We know raking the leaves is around the corner. There will be a last day for mowing. But wait a minute........its PUMPKIN THYME, Halloween, scarecrowns, oh my!!

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