Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hello Fall

Weatherman says hard freeze tonight, the * growing season
is officially over, and peak foliage color is ending. With
all that to think about, I headed outside to rake up more
leaves and finish tidying up the herb garden. I plan on
deadheading and trimming back a little on the carpet roses
and the hydrangeas, but plan to wait till next spring to deep
prune. We will drain the hoses and then store in the shed.
I notice friends Cindy and Tom readying the snow blower.
OMG, refuse to think about heavy snow right now.
Patio chairs and table covered, rockers wiped down and
to the basement, porch swing down. Sam the pup loves
playing in the leaves and thinks I'm sure, this is all for
his enjoyment. I have to take pictures! Everything
looking somewhat empty and barren, but for me it's ok.
Need to refill the bird feeders, put my garden tools away,
take the leaves to the curb for pickup...then Sam and I 
will take a short walk, enjoy the sun, and head inside...
coffee thyme and doggie treat awaits!!
*Growing Season is the period each year when
native and ornamental plants grow and when
crops can be grown.

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