Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thymely Tips

Autumn leaves are falling, the sun is shinning and there is still time
to prepare the garden and yard before winter. What you do now will
help make your spring a whole lot easier and better. I hope these
tips will help just a little in your transition to our next season.
** Plant bulbs
      In the ground before freezing please. Tulips, hyacinths, daffodils
       are a few good suggestions. See your garden center for the right
       information on how to plant etc.
** Store tender bulbs
      Also before ground freezing, dig up and store your non-hardy
       bulbs like gladiolus, cannas, and dahlias.
** Pot maintenance
       Empty terra cotta and other ceramic pots, wipe out, and store in
       the shed or other covered area to avoid moisture and prevent
** Rake, rake, and did I say rake!
       Keep those leaves raked up from your garden and lawn. Composting
        is a great way to get rid of the leaves. Mulching with the mower
        helps with just small amounts of leaves but avoid thatching. And,
        raking is Healthy!
** Tool care
       Give your garden tools a good cleaning and store them in the shed
        or garage for the winter. Removing any dirt and chemicals will
        help prevent rust and corrosion .
** Give your trees and shrubs a drink
       Once the ground freezes solid, your trees and shrubs won't be able to
        get any extra water till thaw. So if your area has been light on the
        rainfall, give them a big drink now. Mulching after a freeze will help
        keep the soil moist.
** Think spring green            
         If your yard has bare spots, this is the time to overseed. Make sure the seed
         is at soil level for proper germination. Also do a final fall fertilization before
        ground freeze and when grass stops growing. No more mowing. Use a
        slow release nitrogen. fertilizer.
** Plant
       Fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs. The soil is warmer now than in
        spring, and there's still time for roots to get established before the hard freeze.
Hope my tips help you in winding up your fall garden harvest that bounty,
boost  that lawn, winter is on the way!  Oh and you can fuel up at the Thanksgiving

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