Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tomato Tip

  Wanted to share a little experiment with you. Had some
   left over green tomatoes and wanted to ripen them. So read
   up on the ways to do this and there are many. All has to do
   with ethylene gas and the hardness and how green the tomato
   is. So use a mature tomato that has a tinge of color (see box)
   and feels softer. I took a small box, lined it with newspaper
   put the tomatoes in (they can't be touching) then covered
   the tomatoes with some crumbled up newspaper. Put them
   in the garage and checked on them daily, rotating them as
   I saw a change. It worked, took about 8 days. Tried one,
   it was very tasty...not like fresh from the vine, but not
   a store bought taste either. Ate the rest over a few days.
                                             See the results in the second photo. Sooo exciting!!


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