Thursday, August 28, 2014

Weather, August Chores, And Pictures

It's what we use to call, in nurse-speak,                                                              
the 3H enema. Simply, high, hot, and
hell-of-a-lot, (excuse my language).
That's my thoughts on what we're                               
dealing with here weather wise. I say
"uncle" yep you've made your point.
The heat ok, we can take it, but the
humidity… 90% with the dew point
about as high. That's at 8:30 in the
morning. Sam, the Pug, is visiting so
we start out early to beat the heat for
a morning walk. Not fun. Weather
forecasters say wacky weather..that's
really scientific. Soooo, hot is cold,
and cold is hot. Get use to it readers..
more to come.
How to beat the heat, Sam style

August Chores

Probably watering is your biggest chore
right now. Continue to weed and pull
out the droopy, dying annuals. Clean
up as you go, turning the mulch. Early
mornings is the best time, you can get
the garden pests (beetles, worms) too. Harvest the bounty: (tomatoes yum)
use what you can and share what you don't need. Make some zucchini
bread. Prune branches of trees, bushes, shrubs, as needed but no fertilizer
for them not till spring . If you compost add to that. Add your"cooked"
compost to your cleaned out garden bed when your gardening is done.
I'm still cutting some lavender, zinnias and hydrangea. I want the
zinnias to seed. I save seed for next year. I let the perennial echinacea
and blackeyed susans stand until late Sept. You can still do another sowing
of crops for late fall harvest…radishes, kale, lettuce, beets,etc. Check your
seed packets. Clean-up makes for a better looking yard, good exercise too.
In my "garden" we are doing a major tear down, and putting away the
decorative yard art. Notice the leaves changing a little..summer is winding
down, school has started. You can begin to think bulbs right now. Decide
what you want, you can order from the catalogues right now for fall
planting. Whether your cleaning up, pruning, or sowing, there's still lots
to do..but remember let's enjoy the outdoors while we can.
My Zinnias
A porch view

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