Thursday, February 5, 2015

Odds And Ends Plus Thinking HEARTS?

Yes next Saturday, Valentines Day, so I hope you've got those
special cards purchased. And just in case you want to add a
little extra treat, I'm repeating this Jello Cookie Recipe. Very
easy and oh so cute. See EARTHLY DELIGHTS for this

Moving on. I've finally got a handle on sharing a video within
a post. Trying to connect the video with the computer, iPhone 
and the iPad was such an ordeal for this very non tech person.
So here's the latest. Videos will stream through You Tube.
And as you see the video on your computer, you can also view
it on your iPhone and iPad. Just hit the arrow within the video
to start.When said video has finished, just hit your refresh 
button to return the video. Otherwise you'll have other videos
there to play. For those of you who don't know where the
refresh key is…it's located up where the browser is. Looks
like an arrow shaped as a circle. Go ahead, find it now. OK?
So remember after viewing video hit the refresh key, and it
will be ready for another replay. Feel free to go back to
previous post and test it out. WHEW!! Thanks for hanging
in there.

I was feeling the urge to purchase something green. Yes, I do
have houseplants, but I just wanted something different. My
friend Marian and I were at a favorite spot in Tipp City, The
Hotel Gallery. A wonderful emporium of handcrafted pottery,
jewelry, and lot of other "artful living" accessories. Owner
Sally Watson and her husband have created a wonderful
environment to shop and browse. Sally also has a small plant
shop located behind the Hotel Gallery which I especially
delight in visiting. A must visit garden shop. She showed me
a Calamondin Orange Tree, a popular potted citrus, also
know as miniature orange. I wasn't familiar with this tree
but had to have one. The tree in her window is already
producing. I purchased a smaller one but already has
tiny fruit appearing. Keeping it in a south-facing window,
this variety is usually grown indoors. I'll keep you posted
folks with details and pictures.                                           

next up: valentines day

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