Friday, February 20, 2015

Ramblings And Pictures To Share

What else can we do. Weather madness continues. The jet-stream 
is playing havoc with our lives. We count ourselves lucky that 
snowfall has kept to a minimum. The winter blues have arrived 
folks and while we are a sturdy lot here in Ohio, a body can only 
take so much. Soooo

Things to do to beat the blues:

* Movie marathons with the one you love
* Cozy up in front of the fireplace with a good book 
* Hot tea, hot chocolate, hot coffee, hot toddy, glass of wine
* Go to the bookstore, the movies, the Mall
* Have dinner at your favorite restaurant
* Make cookies, a pizza, a big pot of soup
* When the sun is shining, get outside and feel the rays
* Enjoy those outdoor winter activities
* Electric blankets, thick socks, heavy sweaters and turtlenecks
* Plan your vacation, plan a weekend, plan an evening
* Bundle up, snuggle up, whatever it takes

The chill of winter is warmed by family, pets, and friends

Sam and his new sweater

Sam catching the sun's rays
Sam loves holding hands

Grandkitty Smeagols enjoys computer thyme

Shakira & Mark enjoying outdoor run


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