Friday, October 9, 2015

Chores, Pumpkin Thyme, & Blog Info

Yep there's a holiday coming.  Halloween. It's rich with tradition,
it's fun and it starts with a pumpkin. I hope you bought one or
two, or more (like me.) Sam (the Pug) stopped by for a couple
of days and graciously allowed me to take his picture with a
smiling jack-o-lantern.

Autumn continues to unfold. While we've lost the vivid bright
colors of summer, we endured the brown drabness for a little
while and finally seeing daily the beautiful changes in the trees
and bushes. From my kitchen window I watch this big maple
tree going from green to vibrant oranges, muted reds and
yellows. Restful.

From a walk this week

They come to mind. We have to do them. Soon we'll be so into 
raking leaves we won't want to be doing anything else except 
sitting with a cup of hot tea and a slice of pumpkin bread. 
Here goes…
. Cut the grass shorter now and keep cutting as long as it's 
. Clean out under bushes and roses but don't prune roses now,
  just cut the spent blooms. Clean up the hostas.
. Clear away dead foliage. Use your garden debris and leaves to
  start a new compost pile.
. Remove green tomatoes from plants. See my post from last year
  on ripening green tomatoes. 
. Start to harden off houseplants now before bringing indoors.
  Acclimate them to lower light levels by moving them to shady
  areas for a couple of weeks. Check them for insects and apply
  a nontoxic insecticidal soap.
. Use mulched/shredded leaves in your garden area.
. Divide your perennials, plant cool season annuals, plant new 
  shrubs and trees, continue watering if not enough rainfall, (this
  means everything.)
. Clean your garden tools as you finish with them for the season.
. Clean and put away empty pots and containers and garden
. Maintain your bird feeders. Plant those spring bulbs, now.
. Know your frost date.
. Check your generator, and snowblower. (I know winter, ugh!)

ENJOY THE SEASON…show off your harvest, make a display!!

next up.. a recipe & more
remember working on blog changes. Visit EARTHLY DELIGHTS
  and click on Cooking Thyme With Diana for recipes. Click
  back on picture to return to garden thyme. NOW you can click
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  if that's confusing. Reread again slowly, that might help.

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