Thursday, October 1, 2015

October, Some Changes to Blog

There's no turning back now. If I didn't get it when I was 
walking this morning, a chilly breeze and sunlight which
decided to play peek-a-boo in the clouds, then the weather
man confirmed it. The heat index has "officially" switched
to windchill. REALLY?? Admit it, aren't you just a little
excited about getting out the sweaters and jeans? (sweat-
pants for me.) Are you thinking chili, vegetable soup, oh 
and casseroles? Get that crock pot out folks. Mother Nature
says it's thyme. The winds of seasonal change are calling….
actually downright blowing at 21 MPH!

Yep visited the local nursery, corn shocks, pumpkins, indian corn
oh my. One of everything please, umm wait maybe…."I'm going
to need a lot of pumpkins," I say to the clerk. Add a few colorful
mums (buy them with slightly opened buds to last the entire 
month) and your good to go. 

Tackle the inside of your house with ease. Fall decorating ideas
have never been so plentiful. Visit a craft store, take a look at the
blogs and Pinterest for inspiration and ideas; why in a few hours
your house will be transformed. Remember use natural elements
as well, like acorns, pinecones, grapevine wreaths, along with 
your pumpkins, apples and dried flowers. Scent your house with 
candles, potpourri or a simmering pot of water and oranges,
cinnamon sticks, cloves, and add a few drops of orange extract.
Add a seasonal tablecloth, nothing adds warmth and color
and says homey like a tablecloth. Walmart always has a great
selection and very inexpensive. Purchasing a few things every
year will build your holiday stash. Take pictures as well.

*A special note. Making some changes on my blog. Working
with Heather (blog mentor) to add and subtract a few things.
I've started a new blog…COOKING THYME WITH DIANA.
Right now its use will be for my recipes.  Later I hope to add
tips, tricks, lots of pictures etc. Bear with me. Stuff might be
out of place, but it will work out, (please, please.) You can
get a look at the site by going to EARTHLY DELIGHTS and
tapping on COOKING THYME WITH DIANA. (at bottom of
list.) To get back to the blog, go to my picture at top right 
corner and click on it and miraculously you're back to the 
blog. I'm linked…ha! Give me a few weeks. I'll still do some 
recipes, they'll be there somewhere. Thanks for the support 
and your reading of this blog. Please pass it along if you think 
someone might be interested. 

Thanks for stopping by.

                WELCOME OCTOBER                        

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