Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fresh Start

Oh happy day! Our arms are thrust outward as we welcome
the longer days of sunlight to pursue our favorite outdoor 
activities. We've got a one-way ticket to summer. Enjoy the

"Come the spring with all its splendor.
All its birds and all its blossoms.
All its flowers and leaves and grasses."

A moment.
Amidst our thoughts of happy, of family, of nature's renewal...
isn't it a pity we have to take a moment and take in the shock
of Brussels. But we did, we shall, and we condemn those that
destroy. Our prayers for the saddened.

Look for the LIGHT
It's there shining bright.
When we are touched by grief,
By some terror-riddled thief…
Let's not despair.
Look up, breathe in,
Seek the goodness.
They shall not win.
Look for the LIGHT
It's there shining bright.
                        -Diana M.

Blessings, Happy Easter
With Grace Life Renews.

I've taken a lot of your thyme today, chores next
week for sure..we'll catch up. But first

Check out for Quiche, 
Deviled Eggs, and kitchen tips on boiling/peeling and
dyeing your eggs.

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  1. Very nice. Really liked your look to the Light. We pray these terroristic acts will cease