Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Simple Amazing Joy

The caterpillar found its spot on the drying dill. I watched
it move slowly up and down the stems as if it was testing the 
strength of the slender branch. I was so excited hoping we
would see its transformation. (See the July 15th post for
the full story on butterflies.)

It was just about two weeks later. I saw a flutter. Was this
the butterfly? I approached slowly, so afraid it would fly
off. How had I missed this. Just the night before we checked
that tender bag, thinking no way would we get our butterfly.

Carefully I put my finger alongside the stem, again thinking
it would fly off. Slowly it climbed onto my finger. It felt wet
and sluggish.

I was taking pictures with my left hand. My right hand I
held steady. The wings opened and closed as it moved
across my hand.

It happened fast…off it went to a lower stem then fluttered... 
gone. I like to think it went to my zinnias or the cone flowers
enjoying its taste of freedom and flight.  I was grateful...

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