Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Until Next Year September

Indeed September shares with us two seasons: the end of
summer and the beginning of fall. It gives us a little pause
time as we wind up the hot weather season with all its bright
colors and sunshine, and allows us to get ready for the cool
and breezy changing days. And with fall comes the excitement
of the holiday season.

This pause will also give us a little extra time for cleanup in
the garden and yard. How about a little help in organizing
those duties for you this fall. Depending on your landscape
you may need to add and adjust .

We don't like to let go of the growing season as the fresh taste
of home-grown veggies is always better and it's fun to grow
your own foods. Take advantage the cool-weather crops and
sow some radishes, spinach and kale, parsley, cabbage and 
leeks. To extend a harvest you also might consider a cold frame.

If you have an abundance of fresh vegetables and herbs, consider
preserving, canning, freezing and drying. How wonderful to have
some home-grown bounty for the next several months. Check out
the garden sites on your computer for some techniques and how 
to tips. 

Remember apples are in season. They're healthy and taste so
good in all those fall recipes. 

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