Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October Brings Us Halloween, Spiders & Stinkbugs

October not only brings us Autumn and its glorious foliage,
this month ends with a Spooktacular holiday!! Let's hear it

Is your house ready? Have you made it Ex-Screamly awesome?

Don't forget it's all about those treats! 

I'm Witching for you a Ghoulish night..so get ready folks, it's
almost here!!

October will also give us…...

The stink bugs (scientifically speaking Halyomorpha halys), are out
in full force. They are native to China, Japan and Taiwan and
were accidentally introduced to the U.S. in the late 1990's. They
are considered a pest to the agricultural farmer. They are a
pest to me as well. They're looking to overwinter in your house
friends, so take note. Caulking is recommended! If squashed they
emit a foul odor..be forewarned. They're harmless to humans,
just annoying.

Ok I don't like spiders, really don't like them. Refuse to put their
creepy looking pictures on my blog. Yes they have their purpose.
And October seems to be the month for spiders. Frogs in the 
spring, ants in the summer, spiders in the fall. You've seen the
large webs circular in shape, quite fancy in their design, attaching
the strands to branches and stems and your house. They are
carnivores and feed on insects and other small organisms like
frogs or tiny birds if they get caught in the web. I saw many large
webs in the preserve while walking…and the spiders, oh my,
very large, green, yellow and black. I didn't want to get too close 
for a picture. The web was huge... and what if I got stuck in the

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  1. So glad you didn't get caught in a web! Great info and cute Halloween message!

  2. Finally found your blog! I don't like those stink bugs...don't see them often around here...knock wood.

    1. Thanks Terri, appreciate the comment. Do you have an instagram acct?