Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Celebrate Your Blessings

Here is another Sharing Jar friends from me to you.

Entering into the first week of December, we find ourselves 
counting down to the Big Day. Our lives becoming lists and
memos of things to be done, things to buy…things…things.
I say we take a pause, find a respite, to just appreciate. To
celebrate those around you who are special. Let yourself be 
open to the energy of appreciation, of listening, of witnessing, 
of sharing. These moments are blessings, opportunities of a
thankful nature. Prayerful thoughts go out to you all for a
most joyful season. 

Oh the joy, the wondrous excitement of seeing for the first time,
all those bright lights and colors and music from a shopping 
cart. Grandson Ethan's face tells the story. What simple joy
that just explodes in my heart. I love this little guy. 

Gardeners while we can't go and cut some flowers from our
yard, we have many beautiful selections of Christmas flowers
at our garden centers and many of the grocery and big box
stores. Having a few of these glorious blooms in your home
will make you feel good. They make wonderful gifts as well.

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