Thursday, December 22, 2016

Winter Solstice and Xmas Countdown

Earth >Northern Hemisphere >United States >Ohio 
>Wednesday 5:44a.m. EST

Today gives us the winter solstice. Husband Ron is overjoyed. 
He actually called me on his way to work to remind me about 
this very important happening, astronomically speaking. Hmmm!
Ok, what does all this mean? December 21st is the shortest day 
of the year (2016), for anyone living north of the equator. 
This day gives us the least amount of daylight and officially 
marks the season of winter. The good news, and what makes
hubby happy, the amount of daylight will start getting longer 
each day as the sun starts its steady climb toward summer. So
yes to cold temperatures, yes to snow, Ron sees the positive,
more daylight! Moving on...

Let's enjoy the beauty of winter and snow and herald the glad
tidings of Christmas.

The comfort of our homes beckons as we decorate and celebrate.

We recognize the significance of Christmas as we celebrate the
birth of Jesus.

May your Home be warm, your Holidays grand,
& may your Heart be held gently in the Lord's hands.

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