Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Observing Nature's Cold Season

In winter, you feel the bone structure of the landscape.
                                                              ~Andrew Wyeth

Cloudless sky. The red barn stands
as shelter, protection from the burrowing
depths of the cold.

Dark trees stand stiff as soldiers against the
dirty grey of the sky. The water unmoving
quiet, bleak, cold.

Winter reminds us that everyone and
everything needs some quiet time.
                                    ~Katrina Mayer

The ice along the edges of the pond gives
the only hint of why I was shivering in this
biting cold of the day.

Beauty stands out even when the temperature

So when you're cold from the inside out
and don't know what to do,
remember love and friendship, and
and warmth will come to you.
                                   ~Stephen Cosgrove


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                                                        LOVE IS LIKE A CABBAGE                                                                                                                           
                                                      My love is like a cabbage
                                                      divided into two,
                                                      The leaves I give to others,
                                                      The heart I give to you.
                                                                         author unknown
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  1. So good to get outside in the Winter. The season has its own beauty to enjoy. Your pictures and sayings are very nice