Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thinking About A Garden?

I wanted to start at the beginning. I thought about this post for
March but with the warmer weather trend I felt the time was
right for thinking about starting a garden. Do you favor just
a small vegetable garden with a few herbs and seasonal flowers
around your yard, or do you prefer only container planting? 
Why garden you may ask. How about reducing your carbon 
footprint or introducing your family to healthy eating habits? 
The reasons are many and I hope you'll give gardening a try.

Visually a decorated, well maintained garden has appeal. But to 
have this look takes work and upkeep and to some that is way
to much while others find it invigorating and pleasurable. It 
doesn't have to be large, even a small plot will produce. So
decision time. Here are a few things to think about before you 
begin a garden.

* The amount of time to be spent working in the garden.
* What to grow in a garden and/or container: flowers, herbs,
    or vegetables or a combination.
* The amount of space to be dedicated for a garden.
Sun requirements for a garden.
* The kind of soil your garden area has.
* The importance of your plant Hardiness Zone.
* Deciding to grow from seed and/ or use plants.

Gardening can be a joy and it can be addictive. Providing
you and your family with homegrown flowers and vegetables 
is very rewarding. Start small, experiment with varieties but
keep it manageable.

Gardening is a 3-season activity but the well-healed gardener
will be always be thinking about getting "hands in the dirt."
Winter will be a time for planning and looking at the seed 
catalogues, revisiting their garden journals, and checking out
garden blogs. There are garden shows, podcasts, and many
garden books to give you ideas. Find a garden mentor.
Gardeners are always willing to share their experiences and
know-how. Don't be afraid to ask.

Gardening can be therapeutic and relaxing. Gardening can be
educational and healthy. Gardening will draw you into the beauty
and awe of life itself. You will harvest more than food and flowers,
you will reap the generosity of God's earth…and be the happier
for it! 

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