Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Nature's Next Step

"Springtime is the land awakening.
The March winds are the morning yawn."

I may be jumping the gun a little bit. I'm seeing the signs.
I'm just saying….
I saw two ducks (they were a couple ) in the creek this morning 
and I'm hearing birds singing their sweet notes. Check out my
instagram @dianarn2627 to hear a few notes from a red-winged
blackbird, and to see the ducks swimming happily up the creek. 
Delightful. Have you noticed a few more robins around? They 
are a traditional harbinger of spring. Noticing tree buds, just a 
few, grasses greening up and more rainy mornings. Crocus are 
showing their flower heads and sending out many shoots, and 
the tulip and daffodil leaves are up and rising. My husband 
delights in telling me daily when the sun sets, (as in the days are
getting longer), I try to feign interest (insert smile), but he's right 
by March 31st, sunset will be 7:00 pm. Yes to the sunlight! When 
I see the pussy willows and their puffy flowers (catkins) and hear 
the spring peepers (the chirping tree frogs), I'll know for sure 
spring has arrived. Won't be long.
I'm just saying

Just some March tidbits:
*March was named for the Roman god "Mars."
*March is Red Cross Month (donate blood, take a course).
*Ash Wednesday, ( Lenton season) starts March 1st.
*Daylight Saving Time Begins March 12th.
*St. Patrick's Day (wear some green) March 17th.
*First Day of Spring, March 20th (vernal equinox).

Winds of March, we welcome you,
       There is work for you to do.
Work and play and blow all day,
        Blow the winter cold away.
                                           unknown author

Will the warm temps of February continue? 
March has entered this morning, "in like a lion," with heavy
rain storms, announcing its arrival with gusts of wind roaring
mightly against the windows. I'd say it's making a statement.
Watch the signs of nature.
I'm just saying… 

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