Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring's Arrival & A Field Trip

Ok so it didn't come off quite like we expected. Spring's first
day brought us rain, rain and more rain, some wicked sounding 
thunder, and wind with temperatures quite chilly. Just a bit
disappointed, but remember February when we saw temps in
the high 60's? Patterns people, weather patterns. Right now
we have a system giving us cold air but only hanging around
for a few days. It goes back north and then we see warmer
temperatures and some sun. So we're on an upswing, and 
we'll travel around this winding meteorological road until the
the weather settles into a familiar pattern. For all gardeners,
remember your last freeze/frost dates! For my area, it's
May 19th. 

I love the spring.
For every day there's something new
that's come to stay.
Another bud
another bird
another blade
the sun has stirred.

Now about that field trip. I traveled today to a favorite garden
center, and had a fabulous time. Today
was the start of the Perennial Madness sale, check it out on the website. 

Stroll through the greenhouses, view the growing flowers, house-
plants, succulents and so much more. Like garden art, fountains,
sculptures, and fairy gardens? Visit the gift shop and you'll find
all things garden. Especially fun to see is what they can do with
vintage pieces like old radios, a bubblegum machine, and how
about a tea pot. It's amazing and fun. Below are a few examples 
of the fun items they are potting up. 

It was an awesome day, I made some purchases, and asked several 
garden/pruning questions. I was rejuvenated and now I'm excited
to get down and dirty in my own garden. 

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