Friday, May 12, 2017

Are You Herb Happy?

Herbs have been a part of my garden life for many years. My
love of lavender and my success growing them led me to try a 
few other herbs, then a few more. I wanted to be able to say I've 
grown them all and I have. Not any more. I have favorites and
that's what I stick too. I still put a few in the ground but the
last several years I use strawberry jars to grow my herbs. 
They're easier to maintain and are close to the kitchen door.

You may wonder why herbs are so popular. They are useful. 
We cook with herbs, preferably fresh. Herb infusions, tea and 
vinegars are easily made using herbs. You've heard the term 
aroma therapy? Herbs can be grown for its oils and thus create 
wonderful aroma blends. Their healing properties are well-
accepted going back centuries. Finally herbs can be enjoyed
simply for its beauty as a plant. Their scent is individualized:
balmy, savory, sweet, perfumed and spicy. Working in your 
garden planting and maintaining herbs can be quite relaxing
and intoxicating.

I hope you give herbs  a try. Grab a lavender plant and maybe
a Basil or some Lemon Thyme...pot them up, and enjoy!

I guarantee everyone will be tempted by their aroma. Mama
Hen liked the Mint while Sam (the Pug) was loving the Lemon

And, if there is extra... share! 

Thanks for stopping by,  Diana
Remember Mother's Day, Sunday May 14th


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