Friday, May 5, 2017

May Arrives

  "The world's favorite season is the spring.
  All things seem possible in May."
                                                                 ~Edwin Way Teale     
May arrived full of rain, wind and cool temperatures. Some of
us chose to ignore that and bought flowers. Some of us planted
said flowers and now we're nail biting. Most of us are storing 
our purchased flowers in the garage. Out during the day, in at 
night. Remember frost is still a possibility. Perennials and cool
weather crops can tolerate the drop in temperature. Fingers
crossed friends as we move to our safe planting date around
May 12-15th. 

The Pansy has been chosen as the 2017 annual Flower of the
Year. What a terrific bloomer. Friendly, easy to grow and the
varieties and colors are endless. Here's a beautiful example
I saw recently at the garden center.

Speaking of garden centers, my annual visit to a favorite place with
friend Marian yielded several great finds. Hydro Growers in 
Pleasant Hill, Ohio has it all. If you live close by, a visit is definitely 
worth it.

A garden is a friend you can visit anytime!

Even though we're a little frustrated by our area's current
weather pattern, there's much to be said for May. It's flower
time and planting time, it's a spring walk, it's putting your
face to the sun and smiling. Have a wonderful month!

Ethan says, thanks for stopping by!

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