Friday, July 20, 2012


   Herbs, they are fresh, fragrant, and flavorful. I think they are the most useful plants in the garden. The pleasures of herbs are many. From the growing in the garden, to uses in the kitchen, crafting and decorating, herbs inspire me! They were my first major attempt at actually sitting down and make a small simple garden plan. I wanted to grow lavender. The smell is  intoxicating and so pretty to look at. Easy to grow, they love the sun, and don't require alot of water. They also survive my claylike soil. I always cut the spikes right after they first bloom. I like to make potpourris bags from the blossoms that grow above the foliage. The scent can last as long as a year. I also cut the lavender and bunch them together tying the spikes to hang from the beams in my kitchen. A simple rule about herbs, keep snipping and they will continue to grow. I now have about 8 shrubs of lavender in my  garden. Except for chives which I grow alongside the lavender, my growing of herbs I do in herb pots, or topiarys. The picture shows my rosemary topiary and 2 large clay herbal pots. I grow lots of basil, another favorite, dill, thyme, and lemon thyme, spearmint, lemon balm, oregano, and parsley. They are on my patio and close to the kitchen.  Only my rosemary do I winter over, because I love topiarys. About September, I clean out my pots. I replant new each spring. Herbs are a simple pleasure! They are fun, inexpensive and easy to grow. They will make you feel good!! I love herbs!

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