Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back to the Garden 2013

What a year it has been..but I'm back. I will get to all that later but right now...... it's a beautiful day outside! There's a breeze, kind of cool actually, sun shining, butterflies are out, and all hydranges and roses are a bloom. From my dining room window I can see the hummingbird feeders, hoping to catch a glimpse of one or two stopping by for a little nectar. WAIT A're probably wondering why I'm in the house on such a fantastic day??? Well, Heather, my blog instructor is coming over today to help me "revisit" the "how to" of  blog writing, posting, etc. My garden pictures are no longer showing up and well, "where did they go?" Needless to say, I NEED HELP! I have alot to share with you garden friends and I have taken alot of pictures of the garden that you just need to see. So in the house at the computer, lesson time. Stick with me, so many things to share, a surprise or two, nope... not telling yet. It will be there soon. PS.... Next post.Let's all think about 'why do we garden?' Thanks for hanging in there with me!         

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