Thursday, March 5, 2015

March, In Like A Lion...

I just wanted to put a positive spin on this.  A colorful, bright, 
flowery welcome to this month. You know the old saying, in like 
a lion, out like a lamb. I'm hoping the end of this month will show 
us sunny, warmer days. Aren't we just exhausted by it all. Moving on.

What? Garden chores might be a little difficult with frozen ground
and snow piled high, not to mention fluctuating temperatures. 
How about back in the house for another hot cup of coffee and a 
healthy muffin? Still plently of books to read. As tempting as this 
might be, you can be thinking about garden needs. It's not to early
to make a chore list, plan your garden layout, prep your tools, and 
sow certain seed indoors if you're so inclined. For info on that see (indoor seed starting). Order those plants and 
bushes from garden supply houses as soon as possible. They will 
send out at the proper planting time for your area. I ordered a 
new variety of tomato called 4th OF JULY TOMATO PLANT. 
It produces tangy sweet 4-ounce red tomatoes in as little as 49 
days. This would also be great for container growing. To assist 
in my tomato growing, I decided to try the new POP-UP-
serves as a mini greenhouse to create a warm protected 
environment for the transplants. I should be able to set the plants 
out in the garden a couple of weeks ahead of time. I will keep you 
posted. Remember to check out the last frost date for your 
growing area. May 15th is considered our date to safely start 
planting. But a reminder, weather is unpredictable, so adjust


 No matter how long the winter,     
 spring is sure to follow.

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