Thursday, March 26, 2015

March Into Spring

It was a good weekend to be out, walking, enjoying some sun,
saying hi to neighbors, and inspecting the yard. Ron and I began
our day early and slowly progressed into doing some chores. It
started with taking the VW convertible out of storage. We took 
it for a quick spin around the block, then parked it in the drive-
way and moved some other big things out so we could do sweep
out of the garage. That felt good. It was dusty and dirty. Moved
on to the bottom of the hill and raked ALOT of fallen sticks and
branches from the willow tree. From there to my Cottage/Potting
Shed. Ron removed the winter doors and I pruned the roses and
checked out my flower/herb garden. I can't tell you the joy I felt
when kneeling down, hands in the dirt, anticipating my spring-
garden-thyme coming up. It is so therapeutic and satisfying for
me to work in my yard and nuture my space. I did feel so good
right at that moment. 

It's hard to imagine the beauty of late spring and summertime 
when you look at all the brown and grey and drabness of our 
yards. But it will change and renew. Here's a little peek at what 
will happen!

I'm lovin' it garden friends. And now I want to share photos of the
inside of my cottage shed. It will be under going some changes this
season. I'll keep you posted.                    


Ron finished up a birdhouse he was working on and I got the  
bikes out and we called it a weekend done. I know Ron is anticipating golf. He deserves it!  

next up: Easter
& garden tips   

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