Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring You Are Most Welcomed

                                                All through the long winter,
                                                I dream of my garden. On
                                                the first day of Spring, I dig
                                                my fingers deep into soft
                                                earth. I can feel its energy,
                                                and my spirits soar.
                                                            -Helen Hayes

Today we can celebrate, for the first day of Spring is finally upon
us and we can only look ahead to what awaits us. Yes, sunshine, 
warmth and longer days, blooming delights and garden bounty
galore. Fear not if we are "tickled" with winter leftovers of cold
and flecked with snow, it will pass quickly! I want you all thinking
of your grass getting greener, and the leaves filling out the trees.
The birds are singing!

Soon you'll be seeing the sprouts of spring bulbs like the early
snowdrops and crocuses. Then will come hyacinths, daffodils
and tulips. Can't wait. Forsythia will be a first of the flowering
shrubs to appear and they are quite spectacular. At a creek in 
our neighborhood there is a large mature pussy willow. The
branches are loaded with soft fuzzy-like "flower puffs."
Sam (the Pug) and I were walking and made a stop at this 
creek so I could cut some branches for display. Sam wanted
to venture into the creek. Oh no!

Birds looking for nesting spots

- you can now prune the shrub roses (like the Knock-Out variety)
  remove a third to half of old growth, make it dome shaped
- get out to your garden area and clean it up, turn over the soil
  and amend as necessary
- know your zone for growing flowers and vegetables, zone 6 here
- map out your plan for spring thyme garden projects…hmm a
  fire pit, water feature, new path or walkway, or maybe an herb
- 2015 selections from the National Garden Bureau:
   the annual, perennial, and edible includes these 3.
   The Coleus, the Gaillardia (blanket flower), the Sweet Pepper
   are chosen because they are easy-to-grow, popular, adaptable,
   maybe they can work in your flower or veggie garden.


think garden thyme!
think spring thyme! 

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