Thursday, June 18, 2015

Here Comes Summer!!

Whatever your pleasure, now's the time. Even though we're
being socked by rain and early high 90's we have to remember
the minus temps back during winter.  Summer soltice will occur
on June 21st, 12:38 EDT in the Northern Hemisphere. The first 
day of summer folks, the longest day, the signal to celebrate 
summer has arrived!

                                             I love summer! Summer is hot.
                                             It's sun and shade.
                                             It's water to wade.
                                             It's frogs and bugs.
                                             It's grass for rugs.
                                             It's eating outside.
                                             It's a tree-swing ride.
                                             It's tomatoes and corn.
                                             It's dew in the morn.
                                             It's dogs and boys
                                             And lots of noise.
                                             It's a hot sunny sky.
                                             It's summer. That's why….
                                             I love summer.


Remember Father's Day this Sunday June 21st.  Celebrate that 
special father in your life!

Next up, a recipe &
the Potting Shed

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