Thursday, June 11, 2015

Updates, June Chores, Etc.

I thought we should get this over with first thing. There it is the
dreaded mole. Caught in a trap set by Jake from Wildlife Control.
Ugly thing isn't it. Look at those feet.  He also got a shrew a few
days later. After seeing no activity for a few days, the traps were
pulled. I am continuing to watch for any new mounds. Now I
need to reseed the areas that were torn up. I can only hope this
story ends here. Oh, I am still on the lookout for snakes as well.
Moving on….

Yes, warmer weather is here. Our gardens are growing, flowers
are blooming, and yes the weeds are increasing as well. We've
got some maintenance work to do. Stay ahead of the game.
Visit your garden and yard area every day, notice the changes,
check for pests, and look for diseases on your plants. I'm
keeping an eye on my knockout roses, something is already
eating at the leaves. Catch and treat early. Plus an early morning

 walk through the garden area is so enjoyable, relaxing..ahhh.
So first, pics to share, then a short list of things to do in June….

To do:
- weed, weed, and weed some more
- dehead the flowers to keep them blooming
- water container baskets, daily if needed, they dry out fast,
   fertilize every couple of weeks, it helps
- trim and prune forsythia and lilacs before August
- turn the mulch as needed, you might be seeing white
  powdery mildew
- mow your lawn a little higher, get on the grub control
  list for fall
- stake tomato plants as they grow, pinch out suckers, keep
- pinch back fall-bloomers like mums and asters
- if you like and use a lot of Cilantro, plant more now
  then again in a few wks. they bolt fast(going to seed)
- keep geraniums cleaned up, remove yellow leaves, dehead,
  don't keep them wet, they can tolerate heat, sun, and dryness
- edge beds and trim for neatness, you'll notice the difference
remember use your herbs, keep them cut so they will 
  continue to produce
- replant in your garden warm season veggies, still time
- cut back the chives (after blossoms fade) to half
- take pictures of your yard and garden, fun to look at
  next year
- add something new to your garden, decorate too..
   a flag, yard sculpture, fairy garden, etc
Is that enough for you, remember just do a little often
to keep up.

Psst..yes Ron still working on the Potting Shed redo, its looking
great, should be done by end of June. Keep you posted!!

Until next thyme..

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  1. We were glad to help you rid your yard of moles.