Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Potting Shed & Recipe

It's done! I'm so happy to share the redo, the revived, the restored
Potting Shed. Ron, wonderful hubby out did himself. Thank you
my sweet! Now go play some golf…you deserve it.   It looks like I
have my first visitors too. Mama Hen and her chicks have arrived.
Sit back and enjoy the tour……

Let me tell you about the redo process. All done in white peg
board and the floor and surfaces were painted white. Ron
built the potting table using a 4 ft. countertop. He cut out
the hole for an enamelware bowl. I added adorable curtains
that I found at Walmart for around the sink, and the potting
table and at the windows. The valances match. There is also
a deep shelf under the table and sink too. He added a shelf 
to 2 walls and another large shelf unit that I found at the flea
market. The desk and chair I had but changed out another
chair to a wicker one with a quilt and pillow. I added books
and pictures (of a garden nature). The loft area we left open,
no redo. Accented with metal/tinware and added a lamp and
radio. (We had electricity already). Finally a rug (soft for the 
feet) and new doors, white and vinyl (no painting). Check out
my new chalkboard picture. Here's a close-up. Done by 
Shelby. You can commission one through Midwest Redesigned 
in Tipp City, Ohio. She did an exceptional job.

Ok, I'm so jittery…whatdoyathink? Love it??? I do. I think
it's outstanding, homey, and functional.

And here's the man of the hour, on Father's Day at daughter's
house. Check out the bike, a gift from the kids and I.

From Shakira & Mark, & Ben, in dictionary speak….
DAD n. 1. father, guardian, protector, friend.
2. mentor, task master, listener. 3. loves to play basketball,
a golfer, handyman, UC grad and proud of it. 4. best dad
a kid could ask for. Love you….

Now how about that recipe. Strawberry Jam Oatmeal Bars.
See EARTHLY DELIGHTS for recipe.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. It looks fabulous in the pictures as well as life! You should have a TV show!