Thursday, July 16, 2015

ANTS! A Recipe & Something New

Ants… another pest to deal with. We've been noticing the large
black ones known as carpenter ants, also known as sugar ants,
on our front porch. I've been seeing too many to be comfortable
with. Carpenter ants will nest in moist and dry wood, they like
moist. They live in colonies and excavate wood. They don't eat 
the wood but hollow it out for the nests. We've recently noticed
a small pillar of sawdust around the front porch pillar. Yep!!
They will search for food typically at night. And that's when I
have noticed them the most. We want to get a handle on this, 
so guess what another exterminator call will go out. Want to get 
a handle on this soon. Will keep you posted. Know this, keep 
waste wood, firewood away from the house.
I'll notice those annoying little brown ants when I dig in an
established flower bed or my little garden, or just a landscaped
area with mulch. All of a sudden a swarm, a gush, ALOT of
those little buggers will be after you. And they will bite. Ever
had this? You have to move away quickly. They will be on you
within seconds. I'm sure there are nests and they are tunneling.
(Ever have an Ant Farm?) I find if I annoy them they go to a 
different spot after awhile. Here's what you can do. USE Borax,
this is the 20 Mule Team Borax (labeled for laundry use.) You
will find instructions on Google or Pinterest. USE Diatomaceous
Earth, an organic product found at garden centers. USE boiling
water, but keep away from the plants. USE salt, cinnamon, black
pepper, or cayenne pepper. Pour directly down into the area 
where the ants are coming from. USE RAID for ANTS and spray
away.  Is there a best way? Don't know. I will use an insecticide 
as a last resort, but try not to. There are always more ants…
Caution with children and pets!

Let's move on.

SOMETHING NEW friends. Thyme to expand our garden 
vocabulary! Did you ever get stuck on what a certain garden 
word or phrase means? Hmm, ok raise your hands all those 
who know what WILT means or INSECTICIDAL SOAP, 
or DECIDUOUS PLANTS…. well then pay attention. It 
starts here, today…….

Soil pH--a measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of soil
                on a pH scale, 7.0 is neutral… below 7.0 is acid, above
                7.0 is alkaline. This is all about how your soil can absorb
                nutrients, the pH affects this. Most of Ohio clay soil 
                derives from limestone, hence high pH. You can soil test    
                with a home pH test kit. Work toward neutral. Compost 
                is great, it helps build your soil, increasing nutrients. If 
                you're looking toward having a specific garden, like 
                growing blueberries or azaleas or just hydrangeas, then 
                you amend accordingly.

I believed I promised you a recipe. See EARTHLY DELIGHTS
for Easy Spanish Rice using Rice A Roni.

I spray painted an extra hand pump a cranberry red and put
it on the potting table. Looks great doesn't it. I've been moving
things around, hanging tools, pictures etc. I'll update you later
as I go.

Guess who….

next up: meet Miss Porcha,
tour screen-in-porch, fairy

Shakira and Mark on bike path

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