Thursday, July 9, 2015

July Chores, Odds & Ends

July continues and so does the unusual weather patterns we're
having. Today brings us temps in the 60's, rain, and cloudy skies.
Sam (the Pug) is visiting for a week and we head out early to
get our walk in before the drizzle starts. It was dreary and wet 
from yesterday's drenching. I was glad I got the grass cut and 
Ron had trimmed. My positive is I don't have to water the flowers
or garden today. But I made my rounds with Sam at my side.
I always carry a bucket to dehead a little or pick weeds etc.
Have you noticed a lot of mushrooms in your yard. I can't stand
them so guess what… in the bucket they go.

I'm hearing the bees as I meander through my garden spaces. A
delightful sound. Humming and pollinating, paying no attention
as I cut some flowers. 
bee covered with pollen

It's time for Japanese beetles and I saw my first one 2 days ago
in my perennial garden. They are coming and they are frustrating.
They feed on about 300 species of plants. With a light infestation,
knock them off in a bucket of soapy water. Otherwise you may
have to resort to organic pesticides, insecticide soaps, or other 
chemical control. Google or visit your local garden center to find 
what best suits your needs. Remember the larval form of 
Japanese beetles, grubs, can cause lawn problems. Treating for 
grubs should kill most of them before they emerge as adult 
beetles. Fall is the best time for grub treatment. Another garden 
pest is the flea beetle. They chew holes in the leaves of the plant. 
While it won't kill the plant, the leaves aren't pretty to look at. 
I'm seeing my perennials being affected as well. I'm amazed at 
the beetle varieties. Again I Googled to read up on them and what 
can be done for control. The pests are out there. Know your 
garden. Inspect it routinely, and learn to identify common
"bad bugs." Finally note the problem areas in your garden,
correct it now to avoid the bigger ones later.

Are you harvesting cherry tomatoes yet? It's happening here.
I've got the round cherries and the grape varieties. They are
delicious. I'm needing to pick them before they fully ripen 
and with the weather the skins are splitting, (see picture.)
And don't worry they will ripen in the house on their own.
Hopefully you're staking your tomatoes and removing excess 
side-shoots (suckers). Why… too many leaves and stems 
produce smaller fruit, opens the plant to more sunshine, and
less foliage lessens chance of fungal diseases. But it's your 
choice, there are pros and cons to both options.

Enough said,  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
use your fresh herbs.

Finally, the Hydranges and Zinnias make
for lovely indoor displays.

next up: ants, recipe
& something new

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