Thursday, June 1, 2017

June Has Arrived

Keep Calm and Smell Lavender,
                                     ~Diana M.

I was hesitant to pull out my very old Lavender plants. Some
of them have been there at least 10 years. They seemed spent 
to me and I was ready for new growth and change. I'm so
glad I did. The blooms were amazing this morning. I cut for
two bouquets and the aroma...musky, soft with sweet floral 
undertones. Crushing a few buds in my fingers, I rubbed
the area under my nose to keep a lingering scent. It doesn't
take much to be happy for a bit. 

Lavender has been around centuries. A wonderful Mediterranean
plant used for its medicinal and beauty applications. More than
ever Lavender finds itself useful in our homes. There are more 
than enough reasons to include several Lavender plants in your
garden or container planting.

 It is the month of June,
The month of leaves and roses,
When pleasant sights salute the eyes,
And pleasant scents the noses. 
~N.P. Willis

Lavender is a hardy perennial. Loves the sunshine and dry soil.
There are several varieties and over time you will find your
favorites. Do a little reading before you buy. It will attract the
pollinators like the bees and butterflies, and you'll find you are
attracted to your lavender as well. For a stress-reliever, head
out to visit your Lavender... touching and smelling, a lot. At
some point when you are ready for some craft delight, save the 
flowers. Cut the stems long, hang to dry then fill a jar or plastic
bag with the dried blooms. I'll add a few drops of essential oil
of Lavender to a cotton ball and drop it in the jar. This will keep
for a very long time. You can then fill a little muslin bag with your
scented herbs. They are wonderful as gifts. 

My personal favorite is the Spanish or French Lavender depending 
on the variety. It remind me of a tiny pineapple but I find it very
appealing in the garden.

I hope you've enjoyed our Lavender visit and be tempted to
try a plant in your garden or container. I guarantee you'll
find a bit of happiness when you do....

Lavender will fill all your senses,
a flower for the soul.                                    ~Diana M.

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  1. Diana, I wanted to visit your blog and I can smell the lavender now. I love to brush by mine in the garden! Beautiful post sweet lady! Love following you on IG!


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