Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Has Officially Arrived!

I could not have picked a better morning to welcome in the start
of summer. We were greeted with low humidity and comfortable
temperatures in the high 70's to 80's. It is indeed official, with
the Northern hemisphere experiencing Summer Solstice at
12:24 am EDT. 

We do note from here, the days will start getting shorter, but no
we'll enjoy the fact today is the longest day of the year! How 
about a couple fun facts for those scientifically inclined. The 
Arctic Circle has 24 hours of daylight. This only occurs on June
Solstice for those areas within the Arctic Circle. It won't be the 
hottest day of the year as you might think, it takes time for the 
oceans and landmasses to warm up. June Solstice is celebrated
around the world. In different cultures, many ritual customs
will occur to honor the Sun. Many festivals and events will
be going on to celebrate nature and new beginnings. My focus
is it's a beautiful warm day and I can be outside! That makes
me happy! 
Care to join me? Grab a cup of tea, or a glass of wine and let's
look at the flowering annuals today.

"Summertime is always the best of what
might be."
                       -Charles Bowden

Summer days of warmth and sunshine are boons to our flowers
and vegetables. Overnight we're seeing explosions of color and
growth. It's still possible to add flowers to your yard and reap 
the benefits of seasonal happy. Annuals are perfect for the non-
gardener. The local garden centers and big box stores still have
quite a variety of bedding plants that will give your yard and
containers instant color.

Annuals, unlike perennials, are temporary additions. They grow
quickly but live only one season and they like it warm. They don't
tolerate the cold. There are sun and shade loving varieties, so be
aware of location when you're making your purchases.

There are many ways to use annual flowers to enhance your yard.
Add summer color lasting the entire season to empty spaces in a 
area that just has shrubs. Perhaps you have a rock garden, a pond 
or other water feature that need clusters of color to balance that 
area. Combine annuals and green plants/vines in containers and 
hanging baskets and create garden art by using spray painted 
chairs, old bicycles with baskets etc. etc. Vintage garden junk 
decorated with flowers is fun and certainly create conversation 
when your having that outdoor party. With the 4th of July 
coming up, how about creating a red, white and blue arrangement
with a few flags.

I hope I've given you a some enjoyment or at least a little pause in
your day with my post this week.
Thank you, I appreciate you stopping by!
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