Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Perennial Happy

Early June is a favorite time, loaded with lots of activity in our 
yards and gardens. It is also national Perennial Gardening Month. 
Have you visited your local gardening centers and nurseries? 
They are filled and overflowing with flowers and plants of all 
shapes and sizes. Perennial plants offer a wide range of blossoms
with different textures, varying bloom times and a rainbow of
colors. I want to share some perennial favorites from my garden.

June will be welcoming summer in a couple weeks and whether 
you chose to plant some perennial seeds or waited to plant 
individual containers of a larger size, you're suddenly seeing lush 
leafy growth and beautiful blooms.

For your  container perennials, dig your hole a little wider than
your pot with the depth being the size of the container. Loosen
the roots and spread them out gently. Fill in with some good
composted soil, add a granular fertilizer and water well. Mulch
well and consider the size and height of your plant as you may 
need to stake and hoop them for support. Examples would
include delphiniums, hollyhocks and peonies. Also be aware 
of sun needs for your plant. This is vital. 

Bare-root perennials are usually less expensive than the container
variety but with a little more cost than seeds. You're getting
just the plant root. You'll find them in early spring packed in
peat moss or other such material. Mail-order is an easy way
to find just what your looking for with detailed instructions.
Remember to soak the roots in water before planting them.

Perennials will reward you year after year if you are careful to
maintain properly. They grow bigger and better each year. Only
later as they begin to spread and crowd themselves will you have 
to think about dividing your plants. We'll look at that later.

If you like a cutting garden you'll find the perennial flowers lend
themselves to becoming beautiful bouquets and some offer a
wonderful pleasing fragrance as well. Think about roses, yarrow,
lavender, dianthus, lily-of-the-valley, just to name a few. Nothing
is more pleasing than stepping into your garden and enjoying 
their scents.

I hope your enjoying your June and all the beauty of perennial

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  1. Diana, I am so glad you shared with Gardens Galore. Your perennials are beautiful and I can see that you are very knowledgeable. I am still a novice gardener and I admire your expertise!

  2. Hi Diana :)

    I'm so glad you reached out to say hello on my blog, because now I know about yours. I love it! You have beautiful pictures and great information. And that garden of yours.... It's gorgeous!

    Perennials are my favorite things to plant, because they come back year after year. I need to get some hydrangeas, but I have a peony and a daisy right now that I put in this year. I'm really hoping they do well.

    Anyway, thank you again and it's so nice to "meet" you!