Monday, July 14, 2014

July Chores, Garden Pests

Nope, this is what I don't look like when I'm out working
in my yard/garden. There's a hat (baseball cap) and
gloves, but make-up and perfect hair… no way. An
ironed shirt, tucked in ?…are you kidding me! I'm a
sweaty mess in tee shirt and baggy capris. There I
admitted it, but hey, my yard looks pretty good. Love
those vintage pictures of the gals doing their thing. My
Mom had her aprons and something called a "duster".
Like a short robe with snaps. I also remember her pin
curls…remember bobby pins? Am I dating myself?
Good memories though. Moving on to…

Now don't get overwhelmed! You look
around and see weeds, leaf drop, signs
of mildew, root rot, slug and aphid
invasion. With the rain, hot weather,
and humidity; it's like where do I start!
One area at a time…start by weeding the
beds. You should have your bucket with
gloves, garden trowel and fork, and
clippers. This way you can do some
deadheading, turn the mulch or soil over,
and prune some of the dead plant material. Look for signs of pests.
Holes in the leaves, brown spots, tender leaves curling and yellow
discoloration.. problem signs. Think sanitation, proper air
clean up, pull up, prune and discard. Remember pruning and deadheading
stimulates new growth. Use chemicals only when necessary and make
sure you read labels carefully. First consider organic or the least-toxic.
Water in the mornings, (soil, not the leaves). Annuals and containers need
watering daily especially with sun and wind. Consult your garden center
with specific  problems..take in a picture, leaves or the root of the plant,
they can advise. Fertilize as needed your flowers, roses and garden as
dictated by what you are growing. Stake up some of those tall growing
flowers, support the climbing vines, harvest as needed, (I'm picking and
eating some cherry tomatoes), and cut some wonderful bouquets. My
hydrangea are beautiful. Zinnias, daisies, lavender make lovely displays
in vases. If you have some dead spaces where you had to clean out, head
to the garden center and pick up ready to go large sized annuals. Add
some garden sculptures, metal flowers, ceramic birds….yard art as I like
to call it, "stuff" as husband Ron says, but it will make a difference.
Keep up on the little things daily and you won't regret it.

How about the good bugs eating the bad bugs! Nature wants to be in balance. Observe your garden,
watch nature as it happens, create a welcoming habitat, and what you don't know…find out!!
How about some pics of yard art, purchased from ETSY, enjoy my quail family and tree face.
Thanks Joan and Marilee. And the watering can, clippers, and gloves…thanks Christina, a
fantastic Mothers Day gift!              


Next up: herbs & peach pie

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