Friday, July 25, 2014

Odds and Ends From the Garden

Husband Ron went out to pick a handful
of cherry tomatoes. We're picking those
around the bottom of the stem not fully
ripened, just to save them from the evil
squirrel. Every day I'll see partially eaten
tomatoes lying around in the garden. Yes
the squirrel is the culprit. The tomatoes
will ripen on the counter and taste just
fine, so picking them a little early helps.
I'm on a mission to stop the squirrels.
Three solutions I've read about include:
building a cage around your plant. Using
a urine powder (Repel-All) that I've tried
What a guard dog!
and it works, but it has to be reapplied
after heavy rain. Third, having a dog.
Sam the Pug, is always a welcome
visitor. Two other options; planting
some extra tomato plants by the tree
where you see the squirrels.. (they have
their own tomatoes, and hopefully
leave yours alone), and ok get this…
remove the squirrels…by catching them,
or termination! Well just let me add this..
if you use this method, more will arrive
to take their place. So no to the last two!                                        
On to some beauty..friend Jan sent me
this beautiful picture of a white gardenia
from her very own plant! Gorgeous! She
has had many blooms from her plant. It
sets on her deck, gets a fair amount of
sun but is protected from harsh winds.
She waters as needed but doesn't let it
dry out. Jan says the scent is fantastic.

If you want the rainbow, you
gotta put up with the rain!
                           - dolly parton

We are having some glorious days! Can
you believe it's the middle of July! Even
though our tomatoes want that heat and
sun to fully grow and turn red, I must
say, I'm enjoying the cooler temperatures.
Porch sitting, walking in the evening,
is so much easier without the bugs biting.
Less humidity helps too. So yes rain, yes
some heat, just take a little thyme to
notice and nuture ourselves with nature.
You'll be glad you did!!  

We'll sing in the sunshine,
We'll laugh every day,
We'll sing in the sunshine,
And I'll be on my way…...        


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