Monday, July 7, 2014

Parsley and Picture Sharing

Growing herbs does not take a lot of effort.  They are versatile  and grow well
in the ground or in any container (remember drainage hole). I grow herbs for
culinary use. I've never grown from seed. I love going to the garden center,
selecting ready to plant herbs from all the many varieties. I'll spend a lot
of time smelling even tasting the herbs before I come away with a couple of
flats. I usually pick the same herbs each year, knowing my needs.
Let's look at PARSLEY...
There are two types: flat leaf(also called Italian
parsley) and curly leaf. Parsley can be found in
the supermarket fresh all year long and you get
a lot for for what you spend. Stems and leaves can both be used in cold and cooked dishes.
Fresh is better than the store bought kind. See for the herb's additional uses.
Parsley can be stored in the refrigerator with
stems in water, and covering the leaves with
a plastic bag(for about 2 wks.). Curly Parsley
is the one used for garnish and because of its
high chlorophyll content, it makes a natural
breath sweetener. Flat leaf has a more robust
taste. Looks a little like cilantro, but there is
a different taste. I think this one is a better flavor for hot dishes. It is used
in Mediterranean cooking. Also parsley leaves are high in iron and vitamins
A, C, and E. Flat leaf tolerates hot weather better than curly, but both do well
in the sun. It is considered a biennial, grows the first season and blooms the
second, but really, treat it as an annual. I just replant each year. Curly works
as an edging for borders too. Parsley goes well in just about any dish, and a
choice for bouquet garni. Hmm, think Parsley Potatoes, Pasta Salad, or Parsley Pesto!

Enjoy pictures of my home & "garden" areas..


                 Where flowers bloom so does hope….  
                                                                    Lady Bird Johnson

*next up…garden pests
  & July chores




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