Sunday, July 20, 2014

Peach Pie Recipe and Herb: Sage

Neighbors Natalie, Dathan, and the girls
took a trip recently to Hilton Head. They
brought me a bag of South Carolina
peaches and a jar of homemade peach
jam. They were beautiful, tasted sweet,
and oh so juicy. I had to make a pie.
Husband Ron said this was "one of your
better efforts." Meaning he loved it! It
was good and after sharing a couple of
slices with a friend, Ron and I enjoyed
a few days of peach pie. Add some
vanilla ice cream…now that's a summer
treat! The jam, very tasty as well. Hit
the spot on a fresh bagel. My peach
pie recipe is available on Earthly
Delights. Thanks neighbors!!

By definition an herb is any plant with 
leaves, seeds, or flowers used for food, 
flavoring, or perfume. Pronounced
like its spelled, no silent h. When used
for culinary purposes, they are used 
to provide flavor more than substance.
Drying herbs is a useful way to save 
or preserve for future use. Not all
herbs can be dried in the same method.
A food dehydrator, (a device that 
removes moisture from food and herbs,
& can be found at Walmart), and dried
by hanging bunches of stems upside 
down, are 2 easy methods for drying.
When dry harvesting, strip the dry 
leaves from the stems and store in an
airtight container. Follow herb guide-
lines in determining which drying
method is best for a particular herb.

Considered a perennial and will  
do well in a sunny area. Sage has
many varieties, with a soft gray-
green color as it matures. Very
aromatic and considered to be
a Mediterranean herb, it has a
long history of being used for
medicinal purposes.  The name
comes from Latin salvere, which
means "to be saved." A savory
flavor, use this herb in pork
dishes, with sausage, and in
stuffings. Add the herb near the
end of cooking so it retains its                         
essence. Store fresh leaves in a                                                    
damp paper towel and place in                                                              
a loosely closed plastic bag in 
refrigerator for a few days.                                                 
Does well in a container. Can                                                
grow shrub-like in the ground. 

"A garden is a poor man's apothecary."  (German Proverb)                                                                     

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