Thursday, October 23, 2014

Baked Apples and Book Review #7

Can you stand it? A book review and a recipe. Well the fall season 
has me wound up. So much to share. And baking is such a big part
of the next few months. Oh the smell wafting from the oven is too
much. Yes, had to sample. Delicious! Baked apples are a favorite.
Easy to make, a favorite from my childhood and this recipe I've
adapted a little bit from my Mom's. She so loved Baked Apples.
A wonderful memory from way back when, is going apple picking
with my family. Up early, something hot to drink, and out the door
to the apple farm. Sun just rising, a chill in the air, and all those 
apples just waiting to be picked. Such fun. We brought home at
least 2 bushels. Kept them in the garage because it was cold out
there. We were so hungry after picking, and Mom fixed a big
breakfast. A happy memory! So see this recipe on EARTHLY 

Isn't this a great book cover? And the inside does not disappoint. 
From Country Living, Happy Halloween is a delight. This is 
another one of my go to books that I've had for years.  You'll
find it all in this paperback book. Four chapters of recipes, party
ideas, decoration how-to, adorable costumes, and of course there
has to be pumpkins.  Colorful pictures and easy to understand 
ways to carve that special jack-o'-lantern. There's also templates
provided and the cover just happens to be a stencil. A fun must
have book, a tingling guide to Halloween. Definite A++.

Wait a minute…whose this guy? He that makes all things possible!
Taster of all my recipes, resident handyman, my sidekick to all my
mindful wanderings…husband Ron. Taking a rest here from our
weekend of leaf collecting. Why he's even thinking about hanging
Christmas lights!! Oh my!! "Love ya darlin'"
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