Thursday, October 2, 2014

Welcome October, Thyme For Cookies

What better way to welcome October! Cookie thyme here. Saw 
this recipe online and I couldn't resist. Husband Ron loves candy 
corn, and this delightful cookie just compliments. They were very 
easy to do and have a buttery, shortbread taste. See EARTHLY 
DELIGHTS for the recipe. After we had our cookie treat, I froze 
the rest to share with my kids.

The leaves are changing and dropping. Saw friend Cindy out
today blowing leaves to the curb. She has a lot of trees and
already her yard has filled. We're fortunate our township does
leaf collection throughout the fall season. I think I will be doing
the same starting next week. Oh boy, buckle up! So behold the
beauty of the changing leaves. Make some cookies. Next week
we'll talk October chores and lawn care.

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