Thursday, October 9, 2014

October Garden Chores..Get Started

Remember those leaves we talked about last week? Yep they're 
falling and chore of the day…RAKING, BLOWING, or MULCHNG
with your mower. Gotta get done, because I know you just want to 
work on the lawn, right? Hmm, well neither do I. October just puts 
on a spectacular color show. The leaves fall to earth gracefully and
this is their end but the trees go out in a blaze, an eruption, a tidal
wave of glorious beauty. I don't want to think of what's ahead with
winter weather, I want to take in what Autumn has to offer right now.


Every leaf speaks bliss to me,
fluttering from the autumn tree.
                 Emily Bronte

Yes the leaves "speak" to Sam, he loves them, racing around running right into a pile. So funny.

Ok, hate to do this but back to lawn care. Leaves left on the ground become matted and that will create dead spots. And, lots of leaves will block sunlight. If you have a mulching mower and just small amounts of leaves then run the mower over them. They will naturally feed the grass. Otherwise, compost or collect. Your lawn will need moisture and an end of season fertilizing. We are finally getting some rain after a long period of dryness. Also continue to mow your grass while it's growing, you'll want it on the shorter side. Longer grass in the spring spells disease. Aeration is important in the fall as well so that water, oxygen, and fertilizer can reach the roots of the grass. Weeds are going to seed now and other types are germinating. So "weed and clean." Talk with your lawn care specialist about fertilizing and weed control. Also fall is a good time to do work on the bare spots. Most people have their own method of doing lawn repair. Seek out that information and get started. The sooner you get your lawn taken care of, the more football you can watch. 

Just remember to get out and partake of what season has to offer. Can't you just hear the leaves crunching under your feet. Somewhere this weekend there's a football game or festival. Enjoy!  

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